For the second straight year, North Dakotans consumed more beer than any other state in our great nation.

According to a new report, residents drank an average of 43.3 gallons of beer in 2013, one gallon more than second place New Hampshire.

Utah drank the least amount of beer, averaging just 19.6 gallons of beer each.

The study is put out by Beer Marketer's Insights, who take the amount of beer shipped to a state and then divide it by the current population.

InForum spoke with an employee at Empire Liquors and asked why he thought North Dakota led the way in beer consumption. His answer:

What else is there to do here?

Much like I did last year, I will take full credit for this astonishing feat. Why? Because, I know I drank way more than 43 gallons of beer last year. That's why.