According to The Jamestown Sun, Ralph Erickson, a North Dakota judge who is also seated on the 8th Circuit US Court of Appeals, is "urging the Supreme Court to revisit abortion law. Abortion is legal throughout the country, but subject to restrictions imposed by states." And in 2019, there were two proposed abortion restrictions in Arkansas - ban abortions after 18 weeks and ban abortions due to prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome - that the judge says he was forced to block because of the constitution.

The Jamestown Sun reports that Judge Erickson NOW wants the Supreme Court to revisit federal abortion law because the current precedent basically forced him to make the choice of blocking the Arkansas 18 week and Down Syndrome abortion restrictions, "finding them unconstitutional." His reasoning for wanting federal abortion law changed? Eugenics.

How does a woman's right to choose have anything to do with eugenics? The Jamestown Sun reports Judge Erickson's argument compares a woman's tough decision to abort her pregnancy to trying to create a "master race." Sadly, this #fakenews about abortion is just another disturbing notion coming from males in power in North Dakota. Did you hear about the bill proposed in North Dakota to make abortion a felony???

Last week, a bill was proposed to make getting/ performing/ assisting in abortions felonious crimes. If this bill passes, a person could face up to a lifetime in prison! If a bill like this is passed, anyone "involved" in an abortion in North Dakota will be treated as an actual criminal.

The fact that men in power in North Dakota feel that women who get abortions are criminals and proponents of eugenics is scary. A woman's PERSONAL CHOICE FOR HER BODY is a matter between her, her doctor, and whoever-the-hell-else she wants to involve. How can we allow people in power even attempt to abuse women who choose abortion?

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