The Social Science Research Network published their research showing where each state ranks based on how many psychopaths live there...because sometimes you just need to know that info.

A professor at Southern Methodist University by the name of Ryan Murphy performed the study and wrote a detailed thesis on the research. According to the research, there are levels of five key personality traits that a psychopath possesses: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.

To break down the socioeconomics of where people with the distinct proportion of the levels required of those personality traits, there were two variables, the homicide rate according to FBI Uniform Crime Reports and the percentage of a state's population living in an urban area.

Based on all factors considered, North Dakota ranked 24th on the list. Since that's towards the middle of the list, we suppose that means we're right about in the median of all states containing psychopaths. We guess this means we have about the average amount of psychopaths you would expect a state to have. We have just a fair amount of psychopaths in North Dakota, one might say.

At the top of the list, Connecticut is the most psychopathic state, followed by California and New Jersey at second and third, respectively, while New York and Wyoming tied for fourth overall. Yes, Wyoming. It's baffling as to why they were so far up on the list, especially when their neighboring states weren't near them in the rankings at all.

There you have it. North Dakota is right in the meaty party of the curve in terms of psychopaths. Our only advice from this: Stay out of Wyoming.

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