Normally, North Dakota's Department of Transportation is very cautious of hidden messages in vanity license plates. However, this one slipped through the cracks. 

A North Dakota man proudly posted his new license plate on Facebook which quickly became a popular post on Reddit with over 1,500 comments.

At first glance, you may not think anything of it. If you catch the license plate in your mirror you'll quickly realize the plate has a hidden sexual meaning. So how did this get by the Department of Transportation?

Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jamie Olson spoke out on the subject:

We have already sent a letter to the individual recalling the plate. We do have a committee in place that reviews personalized (vanity) plates for offensiveness. Unforunately, this one made it through and was issued. It is highly inappropriate and most certainly violates our policy.

All drivers who wish to have a vanity plate on their car must fill out a form which asks you to provide a meaning of the plate. It would be interesting to see the 'meaning' behind X32TTU8.

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