If you're looking to get your kids out of the house for good, it appears that you don't have to try too hard in North Dakota.

A little more than 14 percent of North Dakota's millennials, between the ages of 18 and 34, are still at home living with their parents. That's a ridiculously low number when compared to the national average of 33 percent. It also happens to be the lowest percentage in the country. Congrats, millennials in North Dakota! It seems you're making some things happen with your lives.

These numbers are most likely based on a few factors. The state currently has a low unemployment rate, a strong economy, and affordable housing. Despite the fact that in some places throughout the state, affordable housing has become scarce, this has been offset by the strength of the economy helping with well-paid jobs. Another factor could be that with the baby-boomer generation in position to retire, spots for millennials in the workforce are more rapidly opening.

If you happen to be a millennial that has moved out of your parents' house, supporting yourself, making it happen, then kudos to you! You're doing it right and you've helped North Dakota have the most successful millennial population in the country.

Source: Inforum

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