Gary Dahl, the inventor of the 'Pet Rock,' who also happened to be born in North Dakota, has passed away, due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 78.

Dahl was born in Bottineau on December 18th, 1936, though he was raised in Spokane, Washington, according to Wikipedia.

The idea of the 'Pet Rock' came to Dahl after hearing his friends complain about their own pets. He then joked that he had the perfect pet: a rock.

Thus, the idea of the 'Pet Rock' was born. Dahl sold the gag gift, complete with an instruction booklet. The 'Pet Rock' fad didn't last very long, but it did last long enough to make Dahl a millionaire.

Dahl's wife of 40 years, Marguerite, told InForum that he 'lived a rich and full life.'