I am not a parent, but I imagine that there are endless things in the world that worry parents sick about the safety of their children. I mean, being responsible for a young human must be scary when you have to worry about everything from choking to going missing. And it must be worrisome for parents to know that there is pure evil in the world that can really hurt their children.
In a weekend Facebook post, the Benson County Sheriff's Office stated that they, along with Leeds Public School, were asking the community to help identify the person/ persons who shattered fluorescent lightbulbs on and around a local playground! The post was accompanied by pictures of shards at the bottom of a slide and scattered throughout woodchips. It was only because of a grandparent's vigilance in spotting the glass that nobody was injured.

I saw this story, posted by my sister-in-law this morning and I was immediately disturbed. It is bad enough that North Dakota parents find used needles, dropped where their children may play. But now parents have to worry about broken glass, intentionally placed in places where children can and will get hurt? That is sadistic.

Fluorescent light bulbs are incredibly dangerous for two reasons - mercury and broken glass. According to a 2017 article from Healthy Living - AZ Central, the mercury in fluorescent lights can get on hands and the toxic vapor can be inhaled, and the glass can cut and get into the skin. That type of vandalism is not some funny little prank, that could cause serious, life-changing devastation!
Thank god a responsible adult prevented any and all injuries for kids who play at the Leeds park.

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