For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, North Dakota has kind of stood alone in the statewide decisions made by government officials. Some states shut down and have remained shut down for months. North Dakota did for a minute, but once we were back open for business, Governor Doug Burgum has worked to get us to the "new normal" without enforcing too much upon the people of the state.

We do not have a statewide mask mandate. We have not had forced closedowns since the initial one. And life really has not been altered for us quite the way it has been for people in states with stricter mandates.

Sure, we no longer have huge sporting events or concerts. And I cannot even keep up with what is going on with distance and in-person learning. But we can still go out to eat, go shopping, go to the movies, and pretty much keep the leisurely part of our lives going strong. So, it actually could be worse.

But now that our cases are on the rise, some North Dakotans are hoping Governor Burgum will make a tough decision for North Dakotans and enforce a statewide mask mandate. In fact, a group of 65 North Dakota pediatricians wrote a letter, urging the governor to put a mandate into effect. Basically, they are concerned that this could get a whole lot worse when the normal flu season rolls around. Get the full story from KX News) here.

How do you feel about a push for a statewide mask mandate from North Dakota pediatricians?

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