We haven’t had a lot of consistently warm days yet this summer, sadly.

Yes, summer 2024 has been slightly disappointing. With that, I have some good news!

It looks like we’re going to get a few scorchers this week. Expect a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s and 90s. It might even get to be as high as 100 degrees on Saturday.

I say this now, but North Dakota weather can be unpredictable at times, so this outlook could change by noon tomorrow. In any case, there is something that, as a pet owner in North Dakota, you should keep in mind.

North Dakota Pet Owners Beware

We love to get our dogs outside in the summer months; we want to keep them active and let them enjoy all the same things we love: sunshine, fresh air, nature, rivers, lakes, etc.

While you’re walking your dogs, remember there is a danger lurking. You might not realize it's an issue until it’s too late.

We wear shoes to protect our feet from rocks, bugs, cold, and one other thing...HEAT.

I'm sure you've been to a beach and stepped on really hot sand once or twice. You know how painful that can be.

The same thing goes with the pavement. Pavement can get very hot.

I’m sure you’ve seen those videos where people crack and fry eggs on sidewalks to demonstrate how hot the concrete can get.


On scorching days like the ones we have coming up, you might want to keep this in mind when walking your dog: the payment could be VERY hot.

Avoid pavements, take the grass when you can, and/or get little booties for your dogs. --I’d hate to have them end up with burns on the pads of their feet.


This is some advice, you've probably already heard before, but sometimes we forget these things, and just go on about our days without even realizing we’re making our dog stand on some thing that’s been sitting in the sun for hours on end, heating up like a frying pan.

Be safe drink lots of water and pay attention to your pets. Make sure they’re safe and healthy, just like you and your family. Thank you for reading. TTFN!



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