When I was younger, I could not wait to leave North Dakota. I did get away for a while, but I came back (as most of us do). Now that we are living through a pandemic, I am really glad that I live here again. Especially when I hear the good reasons for living in North Dakota - like the fact that it is pretty inexpensive (relatively) to live here compared to most other states.

According to Business.org, North Dakota ranks #1 in America for the best pay in 2020! The report broke down the numbers, analyzing the average salary and cost-of-living in each state to find out which states paid the best (as well as the worst). The study found, "Workers in North Dakota make an average salary of $42,510 and have to work 27.9 hours each month to afford the average rent payment." Get all the details about the best and worst paying states here.

I do not love to pay rent or anything, but it was definitely a relief to start pay North Dakota rent prices versus Colorado rent prices. I mean, my fiancé and I loved Colorado, but it seemed like we worked a ton just to pay rent and only have a little left over. Forget about saving money.

Since being back in North Dakota, we can have a good work-life balance, pay rent, AND save away a little bit of money. I do wish that rent was even a little bit cheaper here. But I am glad to know that we made the right move, financially, by moving back to this great state.

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