The holiday season is here, and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. This time of year is normally fairly joyous - it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all. But, thanks to Coronavirus, we might be forced to have a physically distanced holiday season.

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), the president of North Dakota State University asked that students stay in Fargo for Thanksgiving break. President Dean Bresciani is concerned about spread when students travel home for the holidays. Of course, since staying is encouraged, students will not be charged for staying in their dorms over the holidays. Read the entire story from Valley News Live here.

I can't imagine the pressure college students must feel right now. Especially the students who tend to get homesick during the school year. College is stressful enough as it is. Now, students are being discouraged from going home during a crazy pandemic.

Even though this is not some sort of mandate put into place by NDSU, the request does kind of put pressure on people who want to go home. As a former college student, my younger self would have been crushed if I was asked not see my family for the holidays. It would definitely be a tough decision to make.

What is the right thing for students to do in this situation? Is it fair for North Dakota State University to discourage students from going home for Thanksgiving? Will other North Dakota college presidents send the same message to students?

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