You know the jokes that go something like, "I remember being a broke college kid, living off of Ramen noodles"? Well, being a "broke college kid" is not a joke to those who can't afford to eat. And there are college students in North Dakota who may not have the luxury of eating every day.

Valley News Live (Fargo) is reporting that North Dakota State University has a program meant to keep students from going hungry. According to the news station, "The NDSU Campus Food Insecurity Task Force has partnered with a successful national program to address the food needs of students on campus." The Swipe Out Hunger program does protect the "privacy and dignity of the recipient," so students can feel comfortable signing up for the assistance. Get the full story from Valley News Live here.

A lot of conversations revolved around hunger tend to address hunger around the world, kids who go hungry at home, or hungry homeless people. But how often do we talk about college kids who go hungry? I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about when my next meal was coming. So, to be honest, it is not really anything I thought of until I came across this story about North Dakota State University teaming up with Swipe Out Hunger.

Of course, it is important to eat and the last thing college students should have to worry about is being able eat. And we can help college students receive meals. NDSU has a donation site and you can also check out Swipe Out Hunger's website.

Do you know of other colleges that offer programs for hungry students?

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