I have had an interest in making flims and the craft seemed elusive to much bigger cities like New York and Hollywood to become a film maker. I have spent time with the local studio Makoche Studios seeing their work with the Lakota Nation,St Mary's grade school music education and Mr.Bubbles Harold Schafer documentary. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to read Hollywood was coming to Bismarck.

It's true Princebury Productions, known for their clean,family friendly, morally driven films has partnered with leaders in our state for the first ever North Dakota Film Fund Initiative. The historical event will kick off July 3rd with a banquet at Fort Lincoln in Mandan .North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple will welcome attendees,Congressman Kevin Cramer will emcee the event and Dr.Ted Baehr, CEO of Movieguide, will be the keynote speaker. Followed by a panel discussion with a focus on "Integrity,Politics and the Bully Spirit for the 21st Century" featuring panelist Theodore Roosevelt Malloch,Clay Jenkinson, Dr.Sarah-Jane Murray, Christopher William,Chad Stewart, David Peters and Ruth Melheim Brubakken. The discussion will be followed by dancing under the stars with North Dakota recording artist Jessie Veeder.

Learn about "Young Four Eyes" the journey of Theodore Roosevelt scripted by Ruth and Rich Melheim. A story created to tell the world about North Dakota and the shaping of Theodore Roosevelt - how the badlands resurrected a man at the brink of depression to become one of the youngest and greatest leaders America has seen. Ruth and Rich could not find sources to fund this dynamic and historic project and that's where the united forces of the Princebury Project have stepped up to tell stories that enhance our history,families,state,country and world.

Be a part of this historical North Dakota Film Fund Initiative and learn more about Princebury Productions goal  to bring high level, quality film making to our state. This initiative is exactly why I am a North Dakotan, where we can create and have access to quality entertainment right here at home.