I am kind of a fraidy cat when it comes to scary and creepy things. But I also have a conflicting an unhealthy obsession with all things weird and unknown. I haven't ever heard too many creepy stories out of North Dakota, but I took to Facebook to see if you had any stories. I was not disappointed. I mostly had legitimate (possible) state urban legends - I couldn't find a lot of facts or other information on the urban legends. But I also had jokesters leave urban legend comments - so, my story includes both actual tales and goofy jokes.

All the joke comments aside, listeners left some interesting urban legends. The ones that stood out most to me were the Charles Manson and Son of Sam stories as true crime is my favorite topic, ever . According to a listener comment, Charles Manson may have had plans to bring his crazy self to Tagus, North Dakota - supposedly because it is home to a demonic epicenter. Thank goodness he never got out of prison alive. And the Son of Sam - potentially one of the killers, who was ACTUALLY Sam's son - was supposedly living in North Dakota and frequenting New York around the times of the murders.

As far as paranormal encounters go, I posted about the only one in our state that I know - San Haven Sanatorium. The only reason I know about this one is because my brother has told me about it. He also loves all the creepy stuff, but is always skeptical. However, his experience with the sanatorium is that he clearly heard unknown voices while exploring. While I would want to see this place, I don't want to tempt spirits to attach themselves and end up in my home.

Check out the urban legends you wrote-in about below:

North Dakota Urban Legends

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