According to KIMT3 News, the state of Minnesota is using over $4 million to incentivize residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The incentive seems like a good way to get people to comply, as tens of thousands of Minnesotans got their vaccine and a $100 incentive gift card. Would incentive get more North Dakotans to comply?

Back in July, KFYR-TV reported that the North Dakota Department of Health said the state had no plans to offer an incentive for residents to get vaccinated. Now that there is more and more news about the Monster variant and other scary virus-related things, do you think North Dakota may follow Minnesota and begin incentivizing the vaccine?

I find it odd that people are being bribed into getting the vaccine. I am not an anti-vaxxer, but I can't get on board with this. It seems like, one way or another, the population will all have the vaccine. So, maybe we should get it while it is still a choice?

I am torn about the vaccine. I do not want it because several people I know have had adverse reactions to it and they feel like they would have been better off if they had just caught COVID. I also never get the flu shot and I am fine every year. But most people I know who get that one also get sick.

At some point, I am sure there will be something that makes me decide to get it - like wanting to travel. But, as of now, I can't be convinced. And incentive actually makes things seem a bit shady.

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