Let's face it, we were all getting a little stir crazy during this storm.  Three days trapped indoors with even the closest friend or relative and things can get a little interesting.  Sometimes you just have to blow off some steam.  That appears to be what happened with a Facebook friend of mine Debbie Iglehart of Bismarck, North Dakota, and her family.

One of the members of her family decided to accept a family challenge and jumped into a snowbank.  Here's the video and photo to prove it.

I love this photo.  Should've made the front page of the Bismarck Tribune.

Debbie Iglehart
Debbie Iglehart

I know this snow will probably melt pretty fast.  After all, we're already halfway to May, but I do regret to inform you, that yet another storm is on the way.  It's supposed to be nowhere near the magnitude of this week's three-day blizzard, but impacts are possible on Easter Sunday.  Snow and possibly some freezing rain are possible early Sunday morning.  1 to 3 inches of snow is possible and the wind is expected to pick up in the afternoon at up to 40 miles per hour, which could cause some visibility and travel issues.

After 18 plus inches in Bismarck Mandan and a lot more to the west and east of us, what're another 1 to 3 inches right?  As I write this, the roads are opening up and conditions are improving.  Highway 83 to Minot is now open and I 94 from Bismarck to Jamestown is now open.

Have a safe and wonderful Easter and let's hope we're all done shoveling and using the snowblower until at least November.


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