When local quilter, Martha Downs, found out that teachers and classes were making fleece blankets for students in need in the Bismarck Public School system, she decided to contribute to the cause. According to a press release, the owner of Free Spirit Quilting was heartbroken at the thought of children going without something as basic as a blanket. So, Martha got to work at sewing quilts for BPS kids in need.

The press release states that, over an 18-month period, it took Martha 500 hours to handmake 50 quilts. She used 400 yards of fabric to create the twin and full size quilts - which ended up weighing 150 pounds! But the kindness and donations that BPS recently received do not stop at Martha's Quilts!

BPS's press release also stated that the BPS Life Education program got over $16,000 from Giving Hearts Day! The money will be used to fund the "collaborative district project that provide basic needs to students and their families, while offering authentic work experience for the BPS Life Education program."

If you are feeling inspired to help Bismarck Public Schools' students in need, you can go to the BPS Foundation's website or contact Development Director Stacey Lang at 701-425-2473.

Kids Count North Dakota is a website where you can find information about children in need in our state, broken down by county. Data from 2018 indicates that there are (at the time) 22,261 kids in Burleigh County. Of all those kids, approximately 1,603 are living in poverty (the poverty line is at $25,926 for a family of four) and about 1,870 kids in experience food insecurity. Learn more about Kids Count ND here.

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