Rent is not always easy to pay. And the pandemic has not made things any easier for struggling families. What can someone do if they just can't seem to make ends meet?

It has been months since the world so drastically changed. Some people are struggling now more than ever because of this pandemic. Just because people are without jobs, does not mean rent and other bills have come to a halt. So, is there anything you can do if you are looking for a little rent relief?

If you and/ or someone in your household are currently suffering financially and having trouble paying rent because of COVID-19, you can still get assistance with rent, thanks to Rent Bridge. Keep reading to learn more.

According to KFYR-TV, "More than 400 renters in 17 counties across the state have taken advantage of the North Dakota Department of Human Services Emergency Rent Bridge program since launch in May." And you can still take advantage of the rent help. There are certain criteria renters must meet in order to receive assistance. You can get the details about and apply for help with Rent Bridge in North Dakota here.

It is still hard to believe that all this madness and uncertainty overtook our lives so quickly. It may still be scary, but if you need help in any way, there are many places you can look in Bismarck-Mandan. Both residents and businesses alike have stepped up to help fellow community members during this hard time in life.

Has the pandemic immensely affected your ability to pay rent and other bills?

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