The crime statistics statewide in North Dakota for 2016 have been released by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

As reported by WDAY, Stenejhem stated that "Aggravated assaults appear to have plateaued, and DUI arrests continue to decrease. The bad news is the significant increase in drug arrests."

"Crimes Against Persons" (murder, rape, assault), "Crimes Against Property"(burglary/theft), and "Crimes Against Society" (drug violations, prostitution, animal cruelty) are all known as Group A offenses.

Despite a 1.5 percent increase in Group A offenses from the previous year, the crime rate still had a 0.5 percent decrease. This includes a 9 percent decrease in rapes, 8 percent decrease in homicides, 4.5 percent decrease in aggravated assault, and a 3.5 percent decrease in property crimes. The biggest increase from the previous year was at 11 percent in drug arrests.

Lesser serious offenses are Group B offenses (DUI, disorderly conduct, trespassing). DUIs were the lowest number they had been in 2016 since 2003. Enhanced DUI penalties and drug testing were key factors in that category.

For all the detailed crime statistics, check out the Attorney General’s Crime Statistics Online (CSO) system.

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