Who better to pick out what the favorite food is in the state of North Dakota than actual North Dakotans?

It turns out Buzzfeed did all the leg work and asked people from North Dakota what their favorite food is and the people have spoken. North Dakota's favorite food is Lefse. For those that may not be aware of what exactly Lefse is, it is a Norwegian flatbread made from flour, potatoes, butter, and cream.

In fact, it's not uncommon that if you search for 'Lefse' on Twitter, you'll instantly find a post that relates to North Dakota.

Beverly lays out each lefse to let it cool before individually packaging each one. Beverly King and her husband Robert have been running a small and highly successful lefse making business in Wheatridge. Lefse is a traditional norwegian potato bread that
Denver Post via Getty Images

There's a bakery in West Fargo that specializes in Lefse known as Freddy's Lefse. The flatbread is often in high demand during the holidays.

North Dakota isn't the only state where Lefse is served. It can be found in restaurants and supermarkets in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington.

There you have it, North Dakota. Lefse is what was picked as your favorite food. But everyone has different tastes. What do you think? What's your favorite dish?

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