A recent study showed what the most popular purchases in each state were. As bizarre as what North Dakota's is, just wait until you see what these other states are buying.

The mobile app, Earny, helps you get money back on purchases by scanning receipts in your inbox. Earny analyzed over 100 million purchases made during the winter holiday season and found out what the top-selling items were in each state, along with Washington, D.C. In North Dakota, the top-seller is glue.

Apparently, we're very big fans of the adhesive substance. While that may seem like an odd item to be a top-seller in any state, what about some of these other states top-selling items?

  • Ohio - Lava Lamp
  • Kansas - Electronic Duck Hunting Game
  • Arizona - Table Air Hockey Game
  • Washington - Dollhouse
  • Mississippi - Phone Belt Clip Holster

It seems that Minnesota has several cat owners since their top-selling item is cat food.

To see each state's most popular purchases, you can view the entire map here.

In the meantime, I have to go buy some glue.


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