The folks over at Buzzfeed recently put together a list of the 50 creepiest places in the United States and one entry is located right here in North Dakota: the San Haven Sanatorium.

According to, the San Haven Sanatorium is a former tuberculosis sanatorium located just north of Dunseith.

Between 1909 and the late 1940s, hundreds of tuberculosis patients were treated at the San Haven Sanatorium. After the tuberculosis epidemic subsided, thanks in part to antibiotics, the San Haven Sanatorium was transformed into a home for the developmentally disabled.

The sanatorium closed for good in the 1980s and has remained abandoned ever since.

Here's what Buzzfeed had to say about including the San Haven Sanatorium on their list of creepy places:

What used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium, built in 1909, is now and eerily abandoned building that has been compared to the sanatorium on 'American Horror Story'. The facility looks extremely unsettling — even in broad daylight — and is said to be haunted by those who died there.

You can read more about the San Haven Sanatorium and even see some recent pictures taken at the site HERE.

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