If you're looking for the smallest town in North Dakota, look no further than Ruso, located in McLean County, which has just four residents.

No, not forty residents. Four. One, two, three, four. There are four people living in Ruso, North Dakota, according to the most recent census.

According to Wikipedia, Ruso was founded in 1906 by settlers from South Russia. Just four years after it was settled, there were 141 people living in Ruso, but that number has dwindled considerably over the years.

If you want to find Ruso, all you have to do is drive straight north from Bismarck approximately 85 miles and you'll hit it. It's only 37 miles southeast of Minot, too, if you're coming from that direction.

There isn't much else to know about Ruso, except for the fact that it plays a somewhat important role in the 2014 film 'The Cut,' according to Wikipedia.

Haven't heard of it? Well, it was directed by Fatih Akin, who is of Turkish descent. The film was featured at the 71st Venice International Film Festival. You can see the trailer below:

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Do you know of any other really small towns in North Dakota? Let us know by commenting below!

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