Every single state has their fair share of weird laws on the books, but what single law is weirder than all the rest? The folks over at Thrillist decided to find out.

Thrillist writer Kristin Hunt first sought out weird laws across the country to find out whether they were actually real or not. From there, she put together her list of the weirdest laws in every state.

So, what law is the weirdest in North Dakota? We'll let Kristin tell you:

You may not knowingly clone (or attempt to clone) another human in the Roughrider State, which explains why Orphan Black is not set in Bismarck.

That's right. If you moved to North Dakota hoping to make your mark in the world of cloning, you might as well just pack up and move away now.

If you're wondering what the weirdest laws in some of North Dakota's neighboring states are, here's a few:

  • In Minnesota, it is illegal to hold greased pig contests and turkey scrambles
  • In South Dakota, farmers are legally allowed to use fireworks to keep birds away from their sunflowers
  • In Montana, you are legally allowed to salvage roadkill for meat

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