It is with a heavy heart that we report that Olivia Wise, the 16-year-old with an inoperable, aggressive brain tumor who previously covered Katy Perry's 'ROAR' in a recording studio has died.

Wise, who recorded Perry's life-affirming anthem in Toronto in September, "died peacefully in her home, surrounded by the extraordinary love of her family," according to a statement her family provided to CNN.

Wise's family said that their daughter didn't want people to cry at her funeral in favor of celebrating her life. What an inspirational person Olivia Wise was! That kind of self-awareness is rare in someone so young, which makes us shed the tear she wishes we wouldn't.

Wise, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in Jan. 2012, recorded her cover of 'ROAR' earlier this year after learning that she could no longer be treated. Perry herself got wind of the video and even posted a response video on YouTube, offering her love and support to Olivia.

"I saw your video and I was very moved and you sounded great," Perry said at the time. "I love you. A lot of people love you and that's why your video got to me. It moved everybody that saw it. So just wanted to send you some love and some light, and tell you that I am thinking about you. Thank you so much. Keep roaring."

The video was so much more than an inspiration. It also helped raise $77,000 for the Liv Wise Fund, which is an organization that supports brain tumor research and was, of course, named after the beautiful teen.

Her mother penned a letter to CNN, revealing how the diagnosis didn't ruin her daughter's spirit. Rather it elevated her attitude.

She wrote, "In many ways, Olivia has lived a shortened, but full life. Every day, she wished for a cure, and rarely succumbed to negative thoughts. To tell the truth, her diagnosis didn't change her personality. It only enhanced it. She took the news in a mature, reasonable, responsible way...Even in the most difficult moments, she managed to bring laughter and friendship to all that were caring for her."

R.I.P., Olivia. You were a special, special girl.

Perry tweeted about Olivia's passing, as well.

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