released the top 10 most affordable small towns to live and one North Dakota town landed on the list.

There were several towns in Minnesota that made the list including Austin, Albert Lea and New Ulm. The one North Dakota town to land on the top 10 is Wahpeton.


The criteria used to determine the most affordable small towns

assessed more than 500 U.S. Census–designated micropolitan areas (with a population between 10,000 and 50,000) for these criteria* and ranked the top 10 by median list price. Note that “micropolitan areas,” as the federal government defines them, may include neighboring towns as well. Minnesota and Iowa, with three towns apiece in our ranking, look like good prime starting points for the soon-to-be-former-urban bargain hunter


According to the website, the North Dakota town has these features-

Separated by the North Dakota–Minnesota state line, Wahpeton and its twin city, sit at the junction of two rivers. Large manufacturing plants such as Woodcraft Industries, WCCO Belting, and Giants Snacks provide steady jobs for the locals. Wahpeton also presents a housing opportunity for bargain hunters: Its median household income ($57,857) is on par with the state of North Dakota, but the median housing price is less than half of the state median.

Not to mention the low unemployment rate and several industries that call Wahpeton home, it is no surprise the North Dakota town made the list.