It looks like another business in West Fargo is closing. According to Inforum, Buffalo Wings Rings closed after only three years in business -- it opened in 2019.

The restaurant was owned by Fargo locals, and as of right now, there's no word on what led them to close, but one can imagine.

The Announcement:

Here's the announcement post they put on the businesses Facebook page:

Bismarck Adding More Restaurants As Fargo Closes Several Down:

While Bismarck seems to be adding more and more restaurants, it does seem like Fargo has been losing quite a few eateries and stores.

Businesses that have recently closed or are up for sale in Fargo include, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Triple Ax as Northport Shopping Center, Camelot Cleaners (3 locations still in operation), The Speak Easy, and Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse.

Grand Forks has been losing quite a few businesses as well.

Measuring Bismarck's Growth

This I find interesting, as we've had several Boba Tea shops, nail salons, fast food restaurants, clothing stores, and even pharmacies recently open.

Is Bismarck the happening spot? I mean, obviously, we're the state Capitol, but Grand Forks has the University (UND) and Fargo has NDSU among other things that draw people there.

Are people migrating from other North Dakota cities to Bismarck? According to, not really.

The source says Bismarck's metro-area population is projected to hit 130,289, which is not much more than last year's projection of 129,619.

So, naturally, my next question is can we support this business growth? Will we have enough employees to staff all of these new businesses? -- These are questions I'm asking. Let's hope the answer is 'yes.'


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