2013 is coming to a close, and for the first time in years... I find myself at a loss for words.

(Note to the reader: This is a stream of conscious blog post. I do them at the end of every year. I literally write whatever comes into my head for a while. I find it's a good way to close out a year and start a new chapter in my life. I don't normally share this with my radio family, but decided that this year I should start sharing it with anyone and everyone.)

There was no lack of excitement for me this year. From moving to a new state, to the relief from hearing good news about a family member, to the battle to stay healthy, to watching my little ones grow up... 2013 has had it's shining moments, and it's bitterly dark valleys.

I like to look back at the year that was, and look for the lessons I need to take forward into the next year... and I just don't know what's what.

For me, making it through any year alive is always a good start. For a while in my life, that wasn't a guarantee. While I am better off now than I was 5 years ago, I don't always feel that way physically. I guess that's what happens when you live with a chronic illness.

My wife continues to surprise me 8 years later. She's been with me through pretty much the most difficult parts of my life, and has never once shown anything but love and devotion to me. I've lost jobs, gone through surgery, moved across country and away from our families... and she has been by my side the whole time. In this day and age where everyone is getting divorced, I always wondered how anyone would actually know when they found the one. I think that answer revealed itself this year.

It's amazing to watch little ones grow up. There's really nothing like it. Someday's I worry that I'm missing it all, working in a job that requires me to put in long hours and work 7 days a week. But the time that I do get to spend with them is inspiring. Their curiosity is inspiring. My baby girl at 3 does things I didn't expect her to know for a couple more years. My son is only 5, and already knows how motors and gears work, and had a thirst to know more about how the world works. I don't remember much from my childhood, but I don't remember having that kind of curiosity till later in life. It's inspiring to watch.

2014 is a blank book with 365 pages in it, I just hope that the story I write is the best one I can.

Cheers to 2013! May we all learn from the lessons of the past so we don't repeat the mistakes in the future!