How many commericals promoting online dating have you seen today? A lot, right? If you're single, have you ever considered trying them out?

I feel online dating can be very beneficial, but there are things you should watch out for. Here are my three things to be careful of if you do try online dating:

1. Make sure to never give out personal information. This may be obvious, but since it's online, you really don't know who you're talking to.

2. If you do decide to meet up with somebody you met online, make sure you tell a friend where you are going and when. That way if something happens, somebody knows where you are.

3. Be honest about who you are. Just because you're online doesn't mean you can pretend to be somebody else. If you're serious about meeting somebody to be in a relationship with, make sure you are honest. You'll want them to be honest with you.

Have you tried online dating or know somebody that did? Do you have any tips for safe online dating?