The British Board of Classification is partnering up with YouTube and Vevo to implement an age rating system for online music videos that it hopes to roll out in October. The rating system would be similar to that used by film and television for years.

British Prime Minister David Cameron states:

Helping families with children and parenting shouldn't stop at childbirth. To take just one example – bringing up children in an internet age, you are endlessly worried about what they are going to find online. So we've taken a big stand on protecting our children online... And today we're going even further. From October, we're going to help parents protect their children from some of the graphic content in online music videos by working with the British Board of Film Classification, Vevo and YouTube to pilot the age rating of these videos.

This system is being developed to help combat the wild-wild-west lawlessness often found online, the prime minister goes on:

We shouldn't cede the internet as some sort of lawless space where the normal rules of life shouldn't apply. So, in as far as it is possible, we should try to make sure that the rules that exist offline exist online. So if you want to go and buy a music video offline there are age restrictions on it. We should try and recreate that system on the internet.