OtterBox, the #1 selling phone case in North America, can withstand almost anything its owner can put it through, but can it withstand anything an actual otter can put it through?

That question was answered last week at Fargo's Red River Zoo, after someone dropped their iPhone, encased by an OtterBox, into the otter exhibit. You can see a report regarding the incident, courtesy of Valley New Live, above.

Because no one informed the zoo staff that the phone had been dropped into the exhibit, one of the otters had the opportunity to examine the OtterBox and put it through an official test. While the OtterBox can defeat water and is shock-absorbent, it didn't stand a chance against an actual otter.

Though there is no video of the actual otter vs. Otterbox battle, Digital Trends did tweet out the below photo:

Yahoo! Tech reached out to the folks over at OtterBox, after the photo from the Red River Zoo surfaced, and a representative had this to say about the otter's victory over their product:

While OtterBox previously offered an ‘otter-tested’ case, it proved not to be very popular due to limited human-otter interactions.

OtterBox also provided the below video, showing their product being 'otter-tested:'

The staff at the Red River Zoo recently spoke to InForum about the incident and they were none too pleased that people were making light of the situation, because the otters could have been seriously hurt, according to Executive Director Lisa Tate:

(The animals) can ingest pieces of plastic, it can hurt them, it can actually kill them. It's something that we watch for, and most of our zoo visitors are good about it, but some people aren't as responsible or aware.

There is no word on whether or not the Red River Zoo will add extra precautions to their otter exhibit, in an attempt to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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