There are a LOT of unique last names in North Dakota.

There are 61,188 unique surnames in North Dakota according to Forebears.  It seems like every city in North Dakota has its unique set of last names that are prevalent.  Here in Bismarck Mandan there sure are a lot of Wetzel's, Jahner's, Bernhardt's, Mosbrucker's, Barth's, Leingang's, Bitz's among others.  We have a very strong German influence, especially in south-central and southwest North Dakota.

North Dakota's last names are heavily influenced by Scandanavia.

However, when it comes to the entire state our Scandanavian heritage rules supreme.  The top 3 most common last names in North Dakota have been the top 3 for decades and decades.  Johnson, Anderson, and Olson are by far the most common last names in the Peace Garden State.

9,553 people in North Dakota have the last name of Johnson.  By far the most common in the state.  Johnson by the way is the 2nd most common last name in the entire United States.  6,334 North Dakotans have the last name of Anderson.  Anderson is the 8th most popular surname in America.  Olson has 5,418 NoDak's with that last name.  Olson truly is somewhat unique to our state.  It's not nearly as popular in the rest of the country, as it's the 135 most popular last name in America.

Smith, by the way, is the most common surname in America.  In North Dakota, Smith comes in at only number 8.

Top 10 Most Common Last Names In North Dakota:

1.  Johnson

2.  Anderson

3.  Olson

4.  Nelson

5.  Miller

6.  Larson

7.  Peterson

8.  Smith

9.  Hanson

10.  Thompson

8 of the top 10 are "son's" in North Dakota.



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