Things happen. Life throws you a curve ball sometimes and you use what you have to get by. For example, take this panhandler in Bismarck.

Let's call him "Izzy". He's at the off ramp of I94 at State Street in Bismarck. He's trying to scrub up enough money to make it back to the East Coast. According to Izzy, his Honda Shadow motorcycle broke down after he ran into all sorts of bugs on the highway. If you've ever traveled on the roads of North or South Dakota, you know we have bugs. Apparently, he crashed and he's trying to generate funds to get back on the road and meet up with his band.

With that said, I noticed his sign- Traveling, Broke, Ugly. That was today's sign. Yesterday's sign said pretty much the same thing, except I believe he had "love sick' on it.


He was also playing his guitar on the side of the road which also caught my attention. I decided to stop and get his story, and this was it. Super nice guy, kind of talented and seriously, not too ugly.

I know some people have various feelings about panhandling. This story is not in support or opposition. I think the guy was nice and I thought his sign was funny! If you're wondering, here is the answer. Yes, I gave him $10 and a couple of Subway coupons, which I think he was more excited for the Subway than the ten.