I love the new Pope! He is as normal as you and I. He tries to be nothing more than his flock the follows him. He's not pretentious and is definitely ruffling some feathers of the old, outdated and staunch system.

Most recently Pope Francis has painted outside the lines and has been cast as a  liberal figure compared with leaders of the past, which in my opinion is refreshing. Since taking over the helm last year, he has attempted to start talk about and with homosexuals and unwed couples and backed the Big Bang Theory. Traditionalist are finding it difficult to restrain the comments of the 77 year old leader and are scrambling to react to his comments.

Franco Origlia/ Getty

Without going into commentary on my feelings of the current state of the religion (I am a practicing catholic) I have a personal story to share on the statement the pope made that last week that animals go to heaven.

I had Skully, an Australian Shepard of mine die suddenly. Not long after her passing, at Sunday mass, I asked the priest if dogs go to heaven? He quickly quipped "No", there is no evidence  or teaching of such a thing'.  BUZZER SOUND- WRONG!

Last week, Pope Francis made a statement that there is a place in heaven for animals!

During his weekly mass this week, to comfort a 10 year old boy on the passing of his own pet, the Pope said

" One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures,” said the 77-year-old Pontiff, according to Italian news sources.

It's refreshing to see the 77 year old leader finally tackling subjects that his predecessors had a difficult time addressing.

What are your thoughts on the animals in heaven comment and the Pontiffs job since taking over his flock?