Fargo is holding another Black Lives Matter protest today. Passionate supporters are peacefully gathered for change. Valley News Live in Fargo has video of the events that were happening earlier. There were speakers and singing from the Gazebo - the crowd was evening singing along. Police officers joined in with the singing. This is peaceful and powerful. But there was a bit of a scare this morning.

Earlier today, there was a suspicious item found in downtown Fargo. KFGO (Fargo) is reporting that a propane tank was suspiciously connected to a natural gas line with a bike lock. The propane tank was found at about 11:00 AM this morning. The report says the propane tank was in an alley, near a natural gas meter.

KFGO spoke with the manager of the building where the propane tank was found. The manager told them that police were contacted and the tank was removed. As if that's not odd enough, the Black Lives Matter gathering is being held only blocks away from where the tank was found.

The suspicious propane tank was connected to a natural gas line near NP Avenue, downtown Fargo. The location of the protest, Island Park is less than half a mile from the area where the tank was discovered. That is also downtown, near the fire department and the train tracks in Fargo.

Now, there are comments on Facebook saying that the tank may have just been locked to the gas line so it wouldn't get stolen. Propane tanks are supposed to be stored outside. They need to stay cool. We will keep you updated if anything comes of this story.

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