Marvel made the sensible decision to pull Punisher promotion from New York Comic-Con in the wake of this week’s Las Vegas massacre, but the shift may run deeper. According to a new report, The Punisher may now be moved altogether to a late fall release.

Even amid the trailer launch, Marvel and Netflix have played coy with The Punisher premiere, redacting dates in conjunction with the Daredevil spinoff’s coverup theme. This coming weekend’s New York Comic-Con panel nonetheless held the promise of some major reveal – potentially the date itself – though some speculation also suggested that Marvel intended to surprise premiere the entire series.

If indeed that were the case (and reps are adamant nothing was confirmed either way), it would stand to reason that the actual series premiere were scrapped alongside the New York Comic-Con panel. A new report from Newsday claims exactly that, as well that the release date has been moved back from a New York Comic-Con premiere to “later this fall.”

Granted, it wouldn’t make much sense of Marvel to pull promotion in the wake of tragic gun deaths in Las Vegas, only to generate the same insensitivity with a full Punisher release over the weekend (a screening was also pulled from an event in Paris). Early reports had suggested a November premiere for the series, though its very gun-centric nature makes the material a hot-button issue any time of year.

We’ll see if Marvel or Netflix come forward with any official announcements this weekend, so stay tuned.

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