February 17th, along with being Ed Sheeran's Birthday, is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. In honor of the day, I brought out my inner Kidd Kraddick and went about town brightening peoples day!

The day started with me stopping by Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care to say Hi to Cindy and her crew! Thank you to Hirsch Floral and Subway for providing me with the flowers and sandwiches to give away!

From there, I just started driving around and dropping into random businesses along the way! All the kind people at Odney really made my day as they just couldn't believe I was there! I also got a big smile handing roses to random ladies who were trying on clothes at Clothes Mentor.

Thank you to everyone that made my day allowing me make theirs. And I really have to give another big Thank You to Hirsch Floral for all the beautiful roses and Subway for all the great free subs! I couldn't have done this without you!