We are living through a nerve-racking and (for lack of a better word) insane moment in history. I don't think anyone could have predicted that the world as we know it would change so drastically, so quickly. The pandemic has definitely affected us in ways that most of us aren't very happy about, but we can't take our frustrations out on others. Especially retail workers, servers, and other people enforcing new social distancing rules.

I have seen quite a few videos of people outside of stores, ranting about the masks and social distancing policies enforced in the establishments. I get it - the new mask rules are not exactly fun. But is it necessary to berate the employees for enforcing rules they have no hand in making? No, it isn't.

We are all frustrated, we are all nervous of the uncertainty, but no one deserves to be met with hostility for enforcing rules. If a business is requiring a mask, leave your temper about it at the door and follow the rules. The other option you have is to go somewhere else that doesn't require a mask.

Now, I myself, am not a fan of having to wear a mask. I am one of the people who hates things on my face. I don't even like to have blankets up by my face or wrap a scarf around my mouth and nose. And I do have opinions about the mask enforcement. But I would never have a tantrum about an establishment's rules. I just wouldn't go there if their policies bothered me that much. You can do the same.

Basically, don't be a "Karen" about employees doing their jobs, ok?

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