I have been using the both the Target and Walmart pick-up apps for right around a year. Let me tell you, these apps are tedious grocery shopping game-changers. I get everything I need without ever stepping foot in a store. On top of that, I save money because I don't impulse buy like I would in store.

Both the Walmart and Target app work basically the same way. You load up your online cart, purchase with the pick-up option, and within a few minutes to a couple of hours, your items are available. You check-in on your app, drive up to the designated pick-up area, and wait for someone to bring you your purchase. Yes, it is THAT easy.

There are a few ways that the apps do differ, so I do have different reasons for liking each one. With the Walmart grocery app, you have to pick a specific time frame to get your purchase. With the Target Circle app, you can pick it up at any time. The Target app does not currently allow perishable item purchases, while the Walmart one does. Also, with the Target app, there is no minimum purchase amount required, but you must spend at least $30 to do the Walmart pick-up.

I honestly was a little reluctant to try these services, initially. I was worried I might not get the right items or stuff would be missing or broken. These days, I swear by shopping for groceries and household items with the apps. The less time I have to spend shopping for things that aren't clothes or makeup, the better. Store pick-up apps could possibly be the best invention in the history of ever.

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