We’ve once again entered a dimension in which the next Rick and Morty premiere remains a mystery. Fortunately, deadmau5 and creator Justin Roiland had a special New Year’s treat for concertgoers, in what may be the only fresh Rick and Morty we get in 2018.

DJ and Rick and Morty superfan (trust us, he bought the sauce) deadmau5 orchestrated a surprise interruption in his New Year’s Eve Show, as the massive cube stage was suddenly transformed into a ticking bomb, flanked by the VR-animated characters. Creator and star Justin Roiland voiced a brief sketch that saw Rick and Morty frantically looking to disarm the device, before finally realizing what the countdown actually lead toward (h/t UPROXX).

The show itself took place at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California, and be warned – Rick and Morty are their usual foul-mouthed selves, but without any Adult Swim censorship. In the meantime, we’ll at least have the new Oni Press series of one-shot comics, the first of which will debut on March 7, 2018. Issues will include Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators, and others featuring Krombopulos Michael, Sleepy Gary, Pickle Rick and Jaguar.

Stay tuned for the latest on Season 4 while we wait.

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