Rick and Morty caused enough chaos inspiring fans to pursue lost McDonald’s sauce; let alone the restaurant itself trying to keep pace. Now, after weekend return shortages, McDonald’s promises the Szechuan dipping sauce is coming back full-time this winter.

It was this past weekend that a one-day promotion was to return the 1998 Szechuan dipping sauce, though fan fervor quickly outweighed the limited supply provided to select restaurants. The Szechuan sauce was a major attraction for Rick and Morty fans after April’s premiere established Rick’s obsession for the condiment; kicking off recreations, eBay bids and new bottles produced by McDonald’s chefs.

McDonald’s was apparently moved enough by the outcry to promise an additional release; perhaps even “a lot more” to satiate fans that had to find specific restaurants:

As previously noted, Rick and Morty was pronounced the top TV comedy among millenials; the exact group McDonald’s has had trouble attracting. Time will tell if fan capitulation makes McDonald’s an official partner of sorts for the show, but stay tuned for further instructions on your Szechuan dreams in the meantime.

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