Closing time for Rihanna! The singer has admitted she has "become a square" and is bored with the party lifestyle and hasn't had sex in forevs. Clearly, RiRi is in a revelatory mode. #TMI.

The Mirror reports that the 'Stay' songstress thinks the club scene is "boring" and that she doesn't like raging since it's hard on her feet. No, really!

"I hate partying," said the pop diva who posts Instagram photos of her party exploits like it's her job. "I don’t know if it’s my heels – I don’t like standing up in my heels for hours. I don’t know if it’s that, but I’ve been so bored of it." Ri, grab some bottle service and a seat. You can afford VIP treatment in da club.

Rihanna also intimated that her life is sexless. "I am such a bootleg rock star," the singer bemoaned. "I do nothing, literally. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. That’s so disgusting. That’s f—king pathetic. I tell you, I’m a bit of a square recently. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m good."

She did qualify her statement by saying that since she works hard, she is allowed the chance to play equally as hard. “So you’ll catch me celebrating every once in a while, because I work hard," Rihanna said. We'll give her that. The girl releases albums like every year – although a 2013 album release remains in question. We will dispute that "every once in a while" thing, though. She parties ALL the time! Or maybe it's partied... past tense.

Rihanna also told Ellen in 2011 that she hadn't had any bedroom action for quite some time. She goes through bouts without boys. Maybe it's time to reunite with Breezy? Did we just say that out loud?

That's it – we declare Rihanna a secondary virgin!