Rihanna received a naughty gift from edgy British design house Vivienne Westwood. The bad girl shared a photo on Instagram of the penis purse and then was seen out and about, carrying it in her hand.

We won't say anything about that crazy, colorful outfit she wore or that hideous mullet. The purse is way cooler anyway.

It's a long (ahem) clutch, made of leather, with a green-tinted, croc-skin like penis embossed on it. While Justin Timberlake had 'D—k in a Box,' Rihanna has a d—k on her bag.

She can carry her junk, like lip gloss and keys, in her, uh, junk bag. Thanks, we'll be here all week.

RiRi thanked folks at Vivienne Westwood and called them family. Maybe that's the long-rumored fashion endorsement at which she has hinted?

You can see the note from the brand in the background, revealing that this is a complimentary gift, even though Ri can afford such a pricy purse.

Whatever the case, RiRi's Instagram feed is officially X-rated with the posting of this purse.

Hey, at least she is not topless this time. That's getting old.

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