Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne are about to take their friendship to the next level...into a possible business partnership! The two are reportedly plotting a clothing line in cahoots with Topshop.

A source told The Sun, "Rita and Cara have been talking about the idea for weeks now. Cara has great fashion industry contacts and Rita loves her clothes and keeps up with trends," they continued, "They think a line could compete with those released by Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss." Two starlets pairing up with a youthful brand like Topshop sounds like a successful venture to us, especially when Rita and Cara are so fashion forward.

So why Topshop and not another retail outlet? The source explained, "Rita’s become increasingly matey with Chloe Green and has mentioned the idea to her in the hope that she might help get it to her dad, Topshop boss Philip." It's all about who ya know!

We'd seriously love to see this line, whether it be at Topshop or not. We would imagine it would be chock full of larger-than-life prints, amazingly flashy sneakers and fierce baubles galore. Alright ladies, get to work because we want to start wearing some of your creations!

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