Jury selection for the "RJR Murders" trial is nearly complete.

The trial of former Washburn chiropractor, Chad Isaak, begins at 8:30 AM in Mandan. The "RJR Murders" trial is so big that Court TV is even in town to cover it. Besides wanting justice, I think the biggest thought on the public's minds is, "Will we find out why he did it?"

We do not have much information about the murders.

All we know about the 2019 slayings of four RJR employees is that they were found dead on the morning of April 1, 2019. On the evening of April 4, 2019, Chad Issak was arrested. The only connection that the public knows of is RJR was the management company that Isaak rented through. We were never informed about a motive.

As sad and disgusting as this situation is, there is a lot of chatter and gossip about the murders of Robert Fakler, Lois Cobb, William Cobb, and Adam Fuehrer. It is because this situation is just so bizarre. The accused surely did not appear to be the type to commit mass murderer.

Chad Isaak is said to have been a decent person.

When information came out about Chad Isaak, reports told us that he was a chiropractor in Washburn. He was a renter through RJR who always paid his bills on time. On top of that, he had no criminal history. So, did he just snap or was there a reason he allegedly shot and stabbed four people?

Why did Chad Isaak allegedly kill four people?

Did Chad Isaak lose his mind or was he seeking some sort of revenge? Well, the information we have is that there was at least a little bit of a plan - he parked at the nearby McDonald's on the strip, was said to have been wearing a mask and camo, and had a change of clothes with him. And both a knife and gun were used in the killings.

All of those steps taken before the murders make this seem premeditated. And, if that is the case, what was his issue with those four people? Was he only trying to confront one person? Did he feel he was owed something? What did he stand to gain from killing the people?

What do you think could be the motive behind the "RJR Murder" trials?

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