The "RJR Murders" trial of Chad Isaak is getting national coverage.

Did you see the Facebook post that wondered, "What in the world a Court TV van was doing in Mandan?" Of course, we got the typical (and always hysterical) "Larks' game" responses. But many people replied that it probably had to do with the upcoming "RJR Murder" trial. The murder story speculation was correct, the trial is getting national coverage.

Was Court TV filming in Mandan, or was the crew just passing through town?

I wanted to try to find the van and maybe some crew members to learn more about what they were doing here. I was not even entirely sure Court TV was sticking around or if they were just passing through.

I found the van parked in plain sight at the courthouse in Mandan.


I went to the Facebook post to try to figure out where in Mandan the van was. With the help from the man with all the North Dakota knowledge, Scott McGowan, we decided that the vehicle was spotted at a restaurant near the Mandan Courthouse. I sped off to find the van, and I did! No crew, though.

Court TV is in town to cover the trial, but we do not currently have much more information.

So, I went into the courthouse and was greeted by Deputy Hanson, who could not give me a lot of information. He did, however, confirm that Court TV is in town to cover the trial of Chad Isaak that begins on Monday, August 2. At the time I arrived, I was unable to get more information because Sergeant Dirk was working with the Court TV crew.

Have you seen the Court TV van driving around in Bismarck or Mandan?

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