A couple of Saturdays ago, I was in need of a rotisserie chicken for a lavash I was making that day. I went to Sam's Club around 12:30, thinking I could get a hot, fresh, and delicious rotisserie chicken. I made my way to the meat department, only to be crushed to find that there were exactly zero rotisserie chickens in the warmer.

Rotisserie Chicken

I was not even the only one in need of a rotisserie chicken either. Others were coming up to the warmer, asking why there was no chicken available. At that time they said they were just waiting for the chickens to get up to temperature, but they were not sure how long the wait would be. I did not have time, so I just popped next door to Walmart for a chicken.

Guess what? Walmart also did not have rotisserie chicken. They were not even started yet for the day and now it was pushing 1:00 in the afternoon! I was shocked that I could not get a rotisserie chicken at lunchtime on a Saturday. I needed one badly, so I decided to come back later in the day. Luckily, Sam's had some when I came back. But it seems there may be an issue in town with getting rotisserie chickens.


Something similar recently happened to my friend. She needed two rotisserie chickens, went to Sam's after work, and was not able to get even one! Luckily, she ended up finding chickens at Dan's. But, then, my coworker was also recently at a Dan's where the deli was closed. He thought to himself that he probably would have gotten a rotisserie chicken if they had been available.

And then there was this past weekend - I needed another rotisserie chicken, but I was afraid that I would not be able to get one. So, I called up Sam's to check and told the person I was speaking to that I have had an issue getting rotisserie chickens lately. She chuckled and told me that it is very hit-and-miss with availability these days.

Raw chicken in the water isolated on white background. Ready for cooking.

What grocery store shortages have you noticed lately?

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