Coca-Cola officially announced that it will cease all sales and distribution of Coke Zero at the beginning of August.

Coke Zero is about to get the 're-branding' treatment and understandably, consumers are not pleased. The re-branding will take Coke Zero and make it 'Coke Zero Sugar.' This may seem harmless, but unfortunately, history has seen this movie before.

Back in 1985 (not to sound like the script from the "Back to the Future" franchise), a new version of Coca-Cola was introduced in a new formula that brought a sweeter taste, known as "New Coke." This went down as one of the worst beverage ideas in history. Essentially, Coca-Cola re-branded its original version, and after a barrage of phone calls and letters (keep in mind social media did not exist), New Coke was phased out and eventually discontinued after a few months of existence before the company reverted back to "Coca-Cola Classic."

Fast-forward to 2017 and Coca-Cola has decided to re-brand the popular Coke Zero, despite using the same ingredients, but have said they will 'tweak' the blend of flavors to come up with Coke Zero Sugar. History seems to be repeating itself and consumers took to Twitter to vent.


As you can see, there are none too pleased with Coke Zero going away, so stock your shelves with the beverage while you can, North Dakota. You only have a few days left before there is zero Coke Zero.

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