Maybe the best tackle of the entire Minnesota Vikings victory over the Seattle Seahawks came from a security guard.

I was listening to the Minnesota Vikings game on the radio when I was coming back from the lake on Sunday when play-by-play announcer Paul Alan had the call of the game.  A young man dressed in a dated Stefon Diggs jersey ran onto the field in bright orange shorts and socks.  As several security guards tried to tackle the streaker (the term streaker is used a lot more loosely these days, he had clothes on), they were all coming up short.  The kid had moves like Devin Cook but was eventually crushed to the artificial turf by a security guard who must have played a little football in his day.

It was announced later in the broadcast on the Minnesota Vikings Network, the security guard was from St.Cloud, Minnesota.  Greg Colman interviewed him and the guard said it was always his dream to make a tackle on an NFL field.  He got his wish and made the most of it.  I'm pretty sure he hasn't made a tackle like that since his high school football days.  Well played sir.

The streaker?  Well, he made the most of it too with his jukes and fancy moves, but in the end, he got what all people who do this sort of thing get.  ARRESTED!  Nevertheless, it made for an entertaining sequence of events.


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