Williston's Missouri Flats Inn was just featured on the Travel Channel's 'Hotel Impossible' on Tuesday night (1/6). Based on the footage from the show, it looks like help came just in the nick of time.

Host Anthony Melchiorri and his crew spent some time at the Missouri Flats Inn back in the fall of 2014. Travel Channel teased the episode by saying Melchiorri did "something he's never done before". If you watched the show, you'll know he felt so strongly about the way the guests were (or weren't) being treated, he offered to lease the property from the existing owner.

From a candid (and scandalous) interview with the night auditor of the hotel, to Melchiorri's top 5 moments from his time in Williston, check out some of the highlights of the show that has North Dakota gaining even more national attention.